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Purchasing a car at one of the car dealerships in Bay City Mi certainly is an exciting experience especially if it is your first time. Owning a car somehow gives such amazing feeling so you should enjoy every moment of it. But do not let the joy takes over all your feelings because you still need to be a smart buyer because you will about use tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy your favorite car. And most important is to choose the right and professional car dealership because some dealerships only care about your money not your need of the right car. If you think of buying used cars, choosing the right dealership is even more important because you have to make sure that the cars being offered to you are in good fit.

Car Dealerships In Bay City Mi
Car Dealerships In Bay City Mi

Recommended Car Dealerships in Bay City Mi

So, suppose you have the money ready to buy new car, consider among the listed car dealerships available in the Bay City Mi. Do not hesitate to visit multiple dealerships to find the best car at best deals.

  1. Hank Graff Chevrolet Car Dealership

  2. Think Thelen Auto Group Car Dealership

  3. Toyota Car Dealership

  4. Oconnors Auto Car Dealership

  5. Labadie GM Car Dealership

  6. Auto Trader Car Dealership

  7. Edmunds Car Dealership

How To Be A Smart Car Buyer

You certainly do not want to be buyer that is bad in buying a car. In other words, it is important to avoid mistakes that most first time car buyers do. To avoid these mistakes, apply some of these tips. For instance, choose the right time when visiting the car dealership. In this case, it is recommended to make visit one or two hour before the closing time. When you visit earlier, the salesperson will wear you down by convincing you into the transaction that is actually not very advantageous for you. But it will be different if you visit before closing time because most of the staffs are tired and ready to go home. This way, you will spend less spent negotiating.

Before you come to the car dealership, you have to conduct research first regarding the possible model and series of cars for you including the specifications, performance and the price. This way, the salesperson will not see you as buyer with zero information so you will not get easily tricked or trapped into their sales. Also explain that you have arranged car loan with bank or other union. Getting car loan by yourself without the help of the car dealership is a much better option because you have the chance to get lower rate and fees. Tell the salesperson how much is it that you are willing to pay for the chosen vehicle and also explain the reason. If you have secured competing bids then tell them about it as well but do not explain the details. And, do not focus on the monthly payment. Instead, focus on the overall price of the car while shopping at one of the car dealerships in Big City Mi.

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