How to Find Car Dealerships No License Required

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Car Dealerships No License Required sounds like difficult thing to find. People might think that the license will be necessary for driving. It is a crime to drive a car without any license. Although it is not associated directly to the car buying process, there must be various reasons which make people without driving license buy a car. Some teenagers maybe do not have the driving license yet but they have saving for buying a car. They just want to make sure that they have the car once they get the license. There can also be people who are no longer driving but want to buy other family member a car. The big question is whether it is possible to find the car dealership who will sell the car to buyers without any license required? People can find it but there are some things which must be considered in this circumstance.

Car Dealerships No License
Car Dealerships No License


In many cases, people will not buy the car cash. Mostly, people will need financing and it means that they need to prove their identity by showing their photo identification. The license is used a lot by many people for their identification. That is why it will be a little bit difficult for proving their identification if there is no license. In this circumstance, people should consider getting the photo identification issued by the state. This kind of ID is also including the address so the dealership will be able to gather information needed for financing easier.

Driving Problems

There must be various reasons for people not having the driving license. Some people do not have the license because it is suspended. It means that there was driving problems previously and it can make them find higher difficulty for buying the car from the dealership. For the dealership that is financing the car, someone with suspended license might be refused to buy the car. There is risk that people with suspended license may drive the car and end up in the jail. It means that the loan repayment ability will be limited.


Many people think that buying a car always means that they also finance a car at the same time. In fact, both are separate transactions. It is legal of course to buy a car without having any license but the dealership can be free to set the requirements for financing. That is why people maybe will find the dealership which will refuse to finance a car for someone without any license. They ask the buyer to be for proving that their driving license is not suspended. Additional paperwork for proving income and identity must be proven to the car dealership as well sometimes.

Test Drive

Last but not least, because people do not have the driving license, the car dealership will not allow them to test the car on the lot. If they want to drive the car, it means that they have to prepare the learner’s permit. They also have to drive along with licensed driver. More complicated things can be found when people are looking for Car Dealerships No License Required.

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