How Much The Cost of Fixing Broken Car Window?

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This problem can happen any time and anywhere. For example, when you are driving, there is something hits your car window such as rock, branch, brick, etc. Then, it is inevitable that your window is broken or cracked. Because the window is an important part in a car, you have to fix or replace it as soon as possible. On the other hand, an automotive expert says that car window becomes the third essential safety feature after the seatbelt and the airbag. Moreover, if you let your car window stay like that, the dirt will easily get inside your car. But, How Much Is It To Fix A Broken Car Window? Don’t worry, here we are going to share you some information about it.

How Much The Cost of Fixing Broken Car Window
How Much The Cost of Fixing Broken Car Window

The windshield replacement

Sometimes, the car window which has low damage still can be repaired. But, if the damage is large and it can’t be repaired, you have to replace a new car window immediately. Here, you need to choose a professional and trusted place. Why? As been described before, this part of car has an essential role in safety. Here, the technician will replace the weather stripping and exterior trim in the area of the car window. After that, he will apply an adhesive coating to the frame. After the glass is lifted, the old car window will be cut out. Then, the new car window is reinstalled with the urethane type of glue. Lastly, after waiting an hour, your car can be driven again.

How much is the cost?

The cost which will be given to you is varied, it depends on how big is the damage. Usually, the price range which is given from $170 to $300. Even, the price can be higher as well. On the other hand, when you have no idea whether you have to repair or reinstall a new car window, it is better to ask the professional. The cost of repairment, also depends on the auto glass which you are going to choose. Besides, if you have an auto insurance, usually the cost will be completely covered. But, if your auto insurance deductible sets the price in $250 or $500, and the cost is lesser, be ready to pay the cost by yourself.

Is there any tip of choosing the right repairment place?

If you want to choose the right repairment place, make sure you have some information about car window. But, if you have no idea about it, there are some questions which you should give to the repairment place.

  1. Does the place you choose is member of auto glass safety council?
  2. Does the place utilize the safety standard materials which federal motor sets?
  3. Does the place give a warranty? What kind of warranty you will get?
  4. How long it takes before you can drive your car again?

Overall, before you choose the repairment place, make sure you have little information about the car window. You need to know whether your car window needs to be repaired or reinstalled as well. Don’t forget to ask How Much Is It To Fix A Broken Car Window in order to know that the repairment place you choose gives appropriate cost or not. In addition, if you are not sure doing it independently, it is better to ask the professional.

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