How Much Does Full Service of A Car Cost?

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There are many things which affect the cost of a car service. The services consist the replacement of the filter and oil, interim service, or a full service. But, How Much Does A Full Car Service Cost? It depends on the condition of your car. Here, you have to know what will be given at full service. Why? Because if your car just needs a little service, and you pay the full service cost, you must be regretted about it. Commonly, every car has a different servicing schedule. The servicing schedule sometimes has been determined by the manufacturer. So, you have to follow the guidance in order to look servicing schedule.

How Much Does Full Service of A Car Cost
How Much Does Full Service of A Car Cost

What are the services like?

In the basic service, the automobile shop will check the filter and the oil in your car. The mechanic will check whether the filter and the oil need to be replaced or not. However, sometimes if you take a basic service, the filter and the oil will be replaced. The next is interim service, here you will get additional services which provide your car safety checks. Such as brake checking, steering checks, horn checking, exhaust checking, and others. When you take a full service, your car will be completely checked. From the engine system, wheel bearings, suspensions, etc.

How much the cost?

When you want to take a full service, you have to know how many miles you have driven your car. Why? Because beside from the schedule, the mileage also determines the price of services. Moreover, every car has a different schedule. As your car is getting older, the price of servicing will be higher and higher. For example, if you take the standard by choosing every multiple of 25.000 miles, the first cost is $1.400, and it will be multiplied every 25.000 miles. At the 200.000 the cost will be $5000.

If your car needs a service which should be done every 75.000 miles. The price will be determined by looking at the brand. Here, the cost starts from $4000 to $13.300. Again, it depends on the brand which you have. In addition, the premium brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, are the most expensive. Because the cost is three times than the lowest cost. Moreover, if the engine system is sophisticated, no wonder that the cost is really high.

What problems which most affect the cost?

Sometimes, the problems which come to your car can be seen from the performance. When you do not drive your car well, you may feel that there is something wrong with your car. For instance, when you try to use the braking system, the braking system can’t function normally, then you have to check it to the automobile shop. It is as same as the other parts in your car. On the other hand, the serious problem like your car can’t start, you must call the automobile shop.

The point is, when you purchase a new car, you have to know when your car should be serviced. If you purchase a second hand car, do a little research about the services which will be taken in this car. In addition, don’t forget to ask How Much Does A Full Car Service Cost when you purchase a car.

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