Help Car Repairs For Low Income Family – Here They Are!

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When we have a problem with our car, it is like a nightmare if the cost of car repair is too expensive. Moreover, if we have other necessity which should be prioritized. On the other hand, our income does not afford the cost of car repair. Fortunately, there is a Help With Car Repairs For Low Income Families. Actually, there are many programs which offer you a help. Even though, it seems impossible, but the programs are real. You don’t need to be worried anymore about the cost of car repair. Because, a department of human services will help you repair your car.

Help Car Repairs For Low Income Family – Here They Are!
Help Car Repairs For Low Income Family – Here They Are!

What department that helps us?

There is a department – called TANF (Temporary Assistance Needy Family) – which will help you repair your car. Before the TANF helps you, you have to send an application first. And then, this department will send some staffs to investigate your life. Your job, your income, your family, and your house will be taken as a consideration whether you deserve or not to get a help. After the investigation has been conducted, you will get a report whether your application is agreed or not.

Is there any factor which affect the result?

Yes, of course it is. There are some factors which involved in the report. The first is deprivation, here the children have to be deprived by reasons of the incapacity, the absences, or the unemployment. The second factor is the income. Here, your income will be considered when the TANF determines the basic need of the children can be fulfilled or not. You have to report all of the income as well.

On the other hand, you will be considered to be eligible receiving the TANF when you do not own a property (except home). In some cases, all of the resources that you have will be combined in order to see whether you are eligible or not. Lastly, the thing which can be considered is the requirements of the child support. Here you need to assign to the state support rights for the children.

Is there any other agency or department which help us?

Nowadays, there are many agencies or department which will help you pay the cost of car repair. They spread in the country. For example, in Arizona, there is an agency which called the Restoration Rides Ministry. They provide automobile maintenance and help people who have low income repair their car. In Florida, you can go to the Car Care Ministry and Florida Citrus Cars. In Minnesota, you can go to the Auto Technical and Wheel Get there.

In addition, beside giving a Help With Car Repairs For Low Income Families, some agencies and department even provide you a free car. But, you have to pass the qualifications before getting a new car. There some things which you should pass, those are; you have low income, you are a victim of natural disaster, you are living in the shelter, you are a victim of domestic violence, you are medically needy, and you are in military family which needs a car.

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