Who Sells Duracell Car Batteries in USA and How to Get Them

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Automotive battery or car battery is an important unit that supplies electrical energy to a vehicle. Without car battery, it will be hard to start the engine. There are wide range of automotive batteries in the market. These batteries are made by various manufacturers. One of the most popular auto batteries is Duracell car battery. Those who believe in Duracell quality and performance won’t ever choose auto battery other than Duracell. They are even willing to spend their times to find out who sells Duracell car batteries near their home.

who sells Duracell car batteries
who sells Duracell car batteries

Duracell is an industrial manufacturer which produces batteries and smart power systems. It is known around the globe. Duracell is an American manufacturer, thus, it is to get Duracell car battery in USA. However, finding who sells Duracell car batteries is not enough to get the right car battery for your car. You need to understand few factors first before buying car battery. Things like:

The size

The car battery size means the external dimensions of the battery. The space arrangement under the hood is already determined. Every item has been placed in perfectly arrangement, so there is no waste space under the hood. Therefore, the size of car batteries has been determined for each car. Read your owner’s manual to find out what battery size your car needs.

The car battery starting power

Cold cranking amps or known as CCA is car battery rating of capacity to measure the amount of current that can be supplied up to 30 seconds in 0 when you start the engine. You can get a reference what the minimum CCA your car needs by looking at your owner’s manual.

Price range

There are two types of car batteries in the market, maintenance-required car battery and maintenance-free car battery. Maintenance-required car battery is cheaper, but you need to check the electrolyte level from time to time. Like it is suggested in its name, maintenance-free car battery won’t need monitoring of the electrolyte level. It also can last longer than the previous type. Surely, this type of battery is more expensive.

After considering the three factors above, now you can pick the battery. It is matter of your preference and consideration to choose the type of Duracell car batteries for your car.

who sells Duracell car batteries in usa
who sells Duracell car batteries in usa

Duracell car batteries are easy to be gotten. Almost all auto services in USA sell Duracell car batteries. The places where you can get Duracell car batteries include:

  • West areas: Grease Monkey, Automotive Parts Wholesale, Undercar Plus, Family TirePros, Big R Store, CAR-X, ASAP Automotive, Hillside Tire, Utah Lubricants, Pacific Power Batteries, and Big Horn Co-Op.
  • Mid areas: CAR-X, Grease Monkey, Auto Tire Car Care Center, Monro Muffler Break and Service, Ken Towery Tire & Autocare, Carter-Auto, Ellis Battery, Mr. Tire Auto Service Center, and Arnold Oil Company.
  • Northeast areas: Monro Muffler Break and Service, Mr. Tire Auto Service Center, Mass Tire & Auto Service, Kost Tire and Auto, CJ’s Tire and Automotive,
  • Southeast areas: Havoline Xpress Lube, Mr. Tire, Grease Monkey, Tread Quarters, The Tire Choice, Ken Towery Tire & Autocare, and Curry’s Auto Service.

Those are who sells Duracell car batteries. Maybe one of these places is near you.

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