What You Need to Know When You Look for the Closest Car Wash

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When you type “Where is the closest car wash?” in search engine, you will get so many results that helps you find the closest car wash services from your location. This is the best solution for you who don’t have enough energy to wash the car by yourself after having work all day long. Or for you who just want to experience the professionals’ efficient car wash service. Car wash locator sites usually ask you to choose service categories, zip code area where you are in, and how far the distance range you expected for the results. Some car wash locator websites are well-advanced by navigating you to the chosen car wash service and giving you the latest user reviews, so you know other people impression to the services. Here are what you need to know when you find the closest car wash via online.

Where is the closest car wash
Where is the closest car wash

Service category

Professional car wash services are divided into three types, including:

  • Self-serve car wash service

Just like its name, self-serve car wash means you wash the car by yourself, but you use the facilities that are available in the service areas. The facilities to wash your car have the latest technologies that sometimes make the first-timer customers a bit confuse how to use the facilities. For novice customers, it is recommended to use only the basic functions such as presoak, high pressure soap, rinsing, and waxing in the first time you come to self-serve car wash service. Once you understand the process, you can move on to more complicated functions.

Self-serve car wash is usually cheaper than other car wash services because it doesn’t need professionals to clean the car. Self-serve car wash can be a fun experience for family with younger kids.

  • Automatic car wash service

    Automatic car wash service
    Automatic car wash service

Automatic car wash service use automatic system that is efficient and fast to clean your car. It is also fun to see the machine work when you drive under the huge spinning brushes and automatic spraying machines. The service only takes 10 minute to wash your car. So, this is the best choice for those who don’t have enough times to wash their car. When you look for the closest automatic car wash, make sure you know the wash equipment that the provider use and your vehicle need. Some vehicles may require specialized equipment that maybe not all automatic car wash providers have the required equipment in their list. Or maybe your car is too sensitive for the equipment that used by nearest car wash provider. Automatic car wash service is more expensive than self-serve car wash service, but still reasonable. The service location may affect the price of automatic car wash services.

  • Hand car wash service

Hand car wash service is the most expensive among car wash services. It uses professionals’ hands to directly wash the car. Since the professionals have limited energy, hand car wash service become an exclusive service that is not offered by all car wash services. The benefit of this service is that your vehicle will be really shine and clean since the professionals themselves who remove the dust and the dirt. Hand car wash service may cost around $15-50.

After knowing the car wash service types, now you can get the answer for your question “Where is the closest car wash?”

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