The Best Car Insurance in Michigan with the Cheapest Rates

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Did you know that car insurance Michigan has rates 70% higher than the average rates in the nation? According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Michigan is one of the three-US states that have the most expensive car insurance rates. Each insurance company has its own policy and cost, so it is strongly advised for all drivers to shop around and compare the quotes from few companies before deciding which car insurance that fit to their needs.

Car Insurance in Michigan
Car Insurance in Michigan

Since finding the cheapest car insurance rates is challenging in Michigan, we try to help you all readers to get what you want. We use the eight large insurers in Michigan as our reference because they have credibility that’s enough for customers to trust them. Here are the cheapcar insurance Michigan you may want to try. Have a look.

For good drivers

If you are never involved in a car accident through all your driving history, it is advised to find out about safe-driving discounts from each insurer’s. They usually offer discount for car drivers who never put any claims in certain time period. The discount helps you saving more money in a year. Browse around for safe-driving discounts that offered by insurance companies, then look how the discount will affect to the average cost per year. That is the way you can get the cheap rates for your incident-free driving history. You may want to look Auto-Owners Insurance which offers the rate $2,167.

For young drivers

Young drivers are the drivers who are still in early 20s. Young drivers usually are assumed for not having enough money in their saving account to pay the high insurance rates and the lawsuit (if they are involved in car accident). Insurance policy for young driver usually have minimum coverage limits which mean they will get cheaper insurance cost than the insurance cost that 30-year-old car drivers have to pay. The best deal for young driver is from the Hanover which offers $1,302 per year.

For drivers who cause a crash

Car Insurance in Michigan Auto-Owners Insurance
Car Insurance in Michigan Auto-Owners Insurance

For those who have experienced causing a crash, prepare for increasing insurance rates when you renew your policy. You may want to shop around again to get the best deal for your situation. The cheapest deal of car insurance Michigan for drivers with spoiled history is from Auto-Owners Insurance which offers $2.555 per year. This is the best deal you can get since there is a particular company which offers for about $8,000 per year for drivers who have caused an accident in their past years.

For drivers who have poor credits

If you have bad credit in insurance scores, be prepared to pay the expensive insurance rates. The cost you have to pay may be much higher than the cost for drivers who have caused a crash. The best deal for drivers with poor credit is come from Auto-Owner Insurance which offers $3,396 per year.

For old drivers

Old drivers are car drivers who don’t longer use their car as many as their past times because of their health condition or their changing lifestyle. They are usually around mid- to late 60s. Since they don’t drive as many as before, the rates they have to pay will be much lesser than the average cost. Frankenmuth is the best car insurance Michigan that offers $2,149 per year for old drivers.

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